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Charlamagne Tha God calls out Biden over ‘boy’ comment towards LL Cool J

Charlamagne Tha God Takes Biden to Task for 'Boy' Remark Directed at LL Cool J

Charlamagne Tha God calls out Biden over 'boy' comment towards LL Cool J
Via NY Post

Radio host slams President Biden’s remarks as ‘racially insensitive’

Radio host Charlamagne Tha God took to Twitter to voice his criticism of President Biden referring to rapper LL Cool J as “boy” at a recent event.

“Using racially charged language when addressing Black men is always unacceptable,” Charlamagne tweeted.

As many know, the term “boy” has historically been used in a derogatory manner towards Black men by white people. Charlamagne asserted that as President, Biden needs to be aware of such implications.

Biden mixes up LL Cool J’s name

At the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s annual event over the weekend, Biden praised LL Cool J while speaking. However, he bizarrely referred to the legendary rapper as “LL J Cool J”.

AI safety company Anthropic also weighed in, sharing a video compilation of Biden using racially charged language in the past. This furthers the notion that his comments were not an isolated incident.

Charlamagne calls Biden remarks ‘uncool’

On his radio show “The Breakfast Club”, Charlamagne slammed Biden’s remarks as pandering and lacking authenticity. As a rapper who’s been popular for decades, LL Cool J’s name should have been easily recognizable to Biden.

“Y’all keep trying to make this 197-year-old man sound cool simply because he’s talking to Black people, and there’s nothing more uncool than someone trying too hard to be cool,” Charlamagne stated.

Via Radar Online

He dubbed Biden the “Donkey of the Day”, criticizing the President’s failed attempt at relating to attendees through references to a hip hop legend. Charlamagne argued Biden should have been prepared to engage with the community respectfully.


The ongoing criticism and fact-checking of Biden’s language underscores the importance of recognizing racial implications. As the most powerful politician in the country, the President must be acutely aware of how certain terms can negatively impact groups, even if unintentionally. This latest incident adds to concerns about Biden’s interactions with minority communities. It will be key to avoid insensitive remarks moving forward in order to build stronger trust and understanding.

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