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Iowa Man Found Guilty of Killing His Wife Arrested After Fleeing Court

Iowa Man Convicted of Wife's Murder on the Run: Arrested After Fleeing Courtroom

Iowa Man Found Guilty of Killing His Wife Arrested After Fleeing Court

Gregory Showalter Sr. taken into custody after massive manhunt

After eluding authorities for days, Gregory Showalter Sr. has finally been arrested for failing to appear in court and hearing the jury’s guilty verdict in the murder of his wife Helen Showalter.

Wanted posters were put up around Ottumwa, Iowa appealing for information on Showalter’s whereabouts after he cut off his ankle monitor and fled when he learned he had been found guilty of first degree murder. Local police were assisted by US Marshals in the search.

The Twisted Murder Case

Prosecutors alleged that in August 2021, Showalter lured his estranged wife Helen to a construction site under the guise of discussing their divorce. It is believed he then violently strangled and killed her before dumping her body in the Des Moines River.

Helen’s disappearance sparked a major search effort by local police and volunteers. Her body was eventually discovered in the river a week later. An autopsy determined the cause of death was strangulation.

Cell phone records placed Showalter at the crime scene at the time of Helen’s murder. Witnesses also testified to seeing his pickup truck at the construction site that evening. Fiber evidence also linked Helen’s body to the trunk of Showalter’s vehicle.


The Tense Trial

Showalter pleaded not guilty and his defense attempted to cast doubt on the forensic evidence presented. However, after an 8 day trial, the jury found him guilty on all counts in under 3 hours of deliberation.

When Showalter failed to show up to court on the day of the verdict, it sparked a frantic manhunt. Police checked his home but found signs he had fled hastily. His GPS monitor had been cut off.

The Emotional Impact

Helen’s family expressed both relief and anger after Showalter’s arrest. Her daughter Mary said “Justice is finally served but it doesn’t ease the pain of losing my mother in such a horrific way. I hope he rots in prison for what he did.”

A sentencing date is scheduled for October 16th where Showalter faces life in prison without parole. His capture now brings closure to one of Iowa’s most notorious murder cases from recent years.


The capture of Gregory Showalter Sr. brings to an end a disturbing ordeal for the Ottumwa community. While it does not undo the senseless loss of Helen Showalter, her loved ones can take solace in knowing her killer will face the consequences of his heinous crime. This case highlights the importance of community support for law enforcement during urgent manhunts. Showalter’s arrest shows that no one can evade justice forever.

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