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Missing Teen’s Tragic End Ruled a Homicide

Fishermen's Discovery in Rochester Woods Leads to Arrest in 16-Year-Old's Death

Missing Teen's Tragic End Ruled a Homicide

Nearly two months after her disappearance, closure has come for the family of Jakarah Lopez-Moore. However, it is a closure filled with grief rather than relief, as authorities have ruled the 16-year-old’s death a homicide.

Jakarah was reported missing by her family on August 29th, after last being seen two days prior leaving her apartment in Rochester, NY. Her sudden disappearance was highly unusual, as she was active on social media and always kept in close contact with her siblings.

Unlikely Hope Turns to Tragedy

For weeks, there was no sign of the teeange girl. Family and loved ones held out hope that she would be found alive. However, that hope was dashed on October 14th, when a group of fishermen made a grisly discovery along the Erie Canal.

In a wooded area near a recycling plant, the fishermen came across human remains. The Monroe County Medical Examiner was called in and used dental records to identify the body as 16-year-old Jakarah.

An autopsy immediately determined that the cause of death was not by natural means. Rochester Police Captain Frank Umbrino announced that the medical examiner had ruled the case a homicide.

“Somebody knows something, and that person has to find it inside themselves to call us,” Umbrino urged the public at a recent press conference. “Put everything aside, call us and give us the information we need.”

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Suspect Arrested in Teen’s Killing

It did not take long for authorities to make a break in the case. A, 21-year-old man was taken into custody by Rochester police. The suspect, who knew Jakarah, is now facing charges in relation to her death.

More details are expected to emerge as the investigation continues and the case proceeds through the courts. However, what is clear is the community has been rocked by the senseless loss of another young life.

Jakarah’s family is now left to grieve and attempt to find closure, though justice never fully makes up for such an immense tragedy. One can only hope that any information that comes to light provides them with some degree of answers and peace.

For now, the final word belongs to Captain Umbrino: “Somebody out there knows what happened. Please call us and give this family the justice they deserve.”

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