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Social Media Star Dentist Kenneth Wilstead Faces Allegations of Misconduct on TikTok

Social Media Star Dentist Kenneth Wilstead Under Scrutiny: Allegations of TikTok Misconduct Surface

Social Media Star Dentist Kenneth Wilstead Under Scrutiny: Allegations of TikTok Misconduct Surface
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Several women come forward with accusations of inappropriate behavior against popular dentist Dr. Kenny Smiles

Texas dentist Dr. Kenneth Wilstead, known to his hundreds of thousands of social media followers as “Dr. Kenny Smiles”, is facing a storm of allegations on TikTok after multiple women have come forward accusing him of sending sexually inappropriate messages.

Wilstead has gained fame on TikTok and Instagram for sharing dramatic “smile makeover” videos where he transforms patients’ smiles. However, things took a turn last week when TikTok user @taylynpeaco shared a video alleging she received inappropriate messages after trying to get a free dental procedure from Wilstead for a reality show.

Peaco claimed in the video that Wilstead’s verified Instagram account messaged her saying “Clothing optional” and asking for more revealing photos when she inquired about being on his show. Another woman, Annely Timmerman, also claims she received a message from his account saying “Just wanted to have sex with you” after she cried about her dental condition in an audition video.

The allegations prompted other women to also share stories of inappropriate behavior. Amanda Moore filed a complaint in 2017 accusing Wilstead of swearing at her and claiming her dental problems were “in her head”. Lauren Spaulding says he bullied her by calling her a vulgar name when she misunderstood a treatment quote.

Wilstead has faced disciplinary actions from the Texas Board of Dental Examiners in the past for issues like improper prescriptions and substandard care. He is also currently being sued for medical malpractice and inappropriate touching by a former patient.

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As the allegations have spread widely on TikTok in recent days with the hashtag #DrKennySmiles, Wilstead’s social media accounts have faced backlash. Instagram placed him on a short ban and removed some videos for policy violations. The renewed spotlight on his past disciplinary issues and unprofessional conduct have damaged his reputation and online persona.

The case underscores the importance of proper oversight for medical professionals, especially those who leverage large social media platforms. It also shows the power of online communities to hold popular figures accountable when serious accusations emerge. While Wilstead maintains his innocence, the stories from multiple women raise serious doubts about his interactions and behavior toward vulnerable patients. Only a full investigation will reveal the truth of what transpired in these allegations of misconduct. more comes to light, it will be important for authorities to thoroughly investigate the serious misconduct accusations.

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