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Tesla CEO Elon Musk calls for San Francisco supervisor Dean Preston to be removed over city’s rising crime rate

Tech Mogul Takes a Stand: Musk's Controversial Move Sparks Debate on San Francisco's Safety

Tesla CEO Elon Musk calls for San Francisco supervisor Dean Preston to be removed over city's rising crime rate

Musk blames Preston for failing to curb crime and ‘destruction’ of San Francisco

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has publicly called for the removal of San Francisco Supervisor Dean Preston, alleging that Preston is responsible for the rising crime rate and “destruction” of the city.

In response to a tweet about criminals who steal from cars being arrested, Musk wrote on Twitter: “Also, Dean Preston needs to be fired. He is arguably the person most responsible for the destruction of San Francisco.”

Musk was reacting to comments made by Preston regarding car break-ins in the city. Preston had acknowledged the high numbers of car break-ins but blamed it on tourists leaving valuables in plain sight in their vehicles.

Calls for action as crime surges in the city

San Francisco has seen a significant rise in various crimes over the past few years. According to official data, there were over 20,000 reported cases of car break-ins in the city annually, with the number falling to just over 10,000 in 2020 during the pandemic. However, the cases have been rising again with the city returning to normalcy post pandemic.

Some shocking incidents have made headlines, including brazen daylight robberies in high-end stores in the city. Frustration has been rising among the residents as well as businesses over the city administration’s failure to curb the crimes.

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Preston proposes controversial measures

Preston has come under fire for some of his proposals to tackle crime. In May, he had proposed a law banning security guards from drawing weapons in response to property crimes.

Former SFPD officer Joel Aylworth had criticized the move saying it would leave security guards powerless against criminals who do not respect authority.

City leaders defend moves but critics say more needed

While city leaders like Preston have defended their actions saying more guns are not the solution, business owners and residents argue that failure to crack down on even minor crimes is emboldening criminals.

Preston faced backlash after suggesting that telling tourists not to leave belongings in cars would reduce break-ins, without addressing the root cause. He is yet to comment on Musk’s calls for his removal.

With the city elections coming up early next year, rising crime is likely to become a key poll issue. Pressure is mounting on the city administration to take stronger steps to restore a sense of law and order in San Francisco.

In summary

Elon Musk’s public criticism of Dean Preston over the worsening law and order situation in San Francisco has stirred a debate on the city leadership’s approach towards crime. With frustrations rising sharply among the general public, tougher actions may be needed to curb criminal elements in the city.

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