Hub of the Americas on growth pattern

El centro de vuelos de las Américas crece

Panama is attracting airlines from all over the world due to the incentives the Government offers to those companies that link up with the Hub of the Americas of the Panamanian Aviation Company (Compañía Panameña de Aviación -COPA).

This has increased interest in the country as a travel destination.

Without a doubt, the airlines offer alternatives to those travelers who do not want to go to the United States to take flights to Europe or [...]

Signatures collected to repeal Grand Canal of Nicaragua Law

Hundreds of farmers in La Fonseca, Nueva Guinea, collected signatures for a Bill requiring the repeal of the Law of the Grand Canal of Nicaragua.

The small farmers of Fonseca, Nueva Guinea, on the North Caribbean coast, marched to ratify their demand that the law be repealed.

To achieve this, the National Council for the Defense of the Land, Lake and Sovereignty, with legal support from the Eco-Lawyers Program Popol Na Foundation, began a campaign [...]

Week in Review – Vol. 34 No. 24


In the Colon Free Zone (CFZ) nothing has changed since last year, traders say, but in the streets of the zone there are signs indicating premises are being sold or rented, reflecting that the crisis continues. According to the president of the Colón Chamber of Commerce, Jose De La Rosa Lam, the issue of this commercial emporium continues to return to the question of its competitiveness.


The full Supreme Court [...]

Balboa now receiving ships of 13,100 TEUs

Balboa recibe buques de 13,100 TEU’s

Anticipating the opening of the expanded Panama Canal, which will allow the transit of ships carrying up to 13,500 TEUs, the port of Balboa, on Panama’s Pacific coast, began to receive ships of 13,100 TEUs (20-ft container equivalents). Previously it received ships of approximately 9,000 TEUs.

The shipping world’s largest container carrier, Maersk Line, announced the replacement of ships of 9,640 TEUs that were part of the AC2 service between Asia and the west coast [...]

Cadets carry out internship at the UMIP

Uno de los cadetes de la MMA en la Universidad Marítima.

As part of the academic exchanges established by the US Transport Department, the Panama International Maritime University (UMIP) and the Massachusetts Maritime Academy (MMA) an internship was arranged for a group of 14 MMA cadets to be in Panama for more than 30 days.

The internship, coordinated by the UMIP, is for the visiting cadets to learn about the development of the Panamanian maritime industry and the training processes of values and behavior that are [...]

Ministry of Public Works focus on high impact projects for 2016

Ministry of Public Works focus on high impact projects for 2016

The Ministry of Public Works will concentrate all its efforts on mega projects such as the Fourth Bridge over the Canal, which will give another access to the interior. The bridge will benefit more than 1.7 million people who travel to and from Panama West every day, and whose only option is to use the Bridge of the Americas or the Centenary Bridge.

Another important project is the widening of the Panama-Arraijan highway to eight [...]

Containership market faces difficult future

La tendencia es construir mega buques.

By Franklin Castrellón

About 90% of the cargo transported in the world is carried on container ships, and this is the main business of the Panama Canal.

Indeed, this segment accounted for 33.8% of the 340 million Canal tons (PC/UMS) which crossed this Canal in 2015. That segment of containerized cargo, like other segments, had a bad year in 2015 and prospects for 2016 could be worse, according to the maritime economist James Catlin.

In [...]