Mexico prepared for Canal expansion

Puerto de Coatzacoalcos.

By Franklin Castrellón

Mexico has joined the countries of the region that are already prepared to take advantage of the great opportunities that will be generated by the expansion of the Canal, while in Panama the Logistic Cabinet, created by the government to design a logistics strategy and drive the actions necessary to strengthen the potential of Panama as a regional logistics hub, moves “at a crawl”.

On May 31, 2016, the President of Mexico, […]

Week in Review – Vol. 35#9 – June 27


A fourth set of locks on the Panama Canal could be built “If it becomes necessary” and a group of experts will start a feasibility study from October 1. However, there is still no decision, the administrator, Jorge Quijano told the news agency Efe.


Between 2007 and 2015, during the expansion work of the Canal, 2,250 pieces of archaeological value were found, dating from different periods of the history of Panama: […]

Panama Services Corp – together with the Canal

La ampliación del Canal un gran logro.

Panama, internationally recognized for its contributions to maritime trade is making history again.

Initially, in 1881, the construction of the Panama Canal was in the hands of Count Ferdinand de Lesseps and was finally completed in 1914, led by George Washington Goethals, a construction handmade by man, while we, as a nation, were still in our infancy. Now, 102 years later we have a modern and impressive infrastructure that we can still marvel at for […]

Multimodal system consolidation stimulates industrial real estate

En Panamá aun hace falta infraestructura industrial adecuada.

Panama wants to become one of the most important cargo logistics centers for transportation and storage worldwide. Currently private ports interact on both oceans interconnected by an inter-oceanic railway, roads and international airports seeking to have the ability to offer all kinds of services that add value to the industry of transport and storage of goods.

Establishing itself as a major multimodal logistics center is one of the main goals of the country in order […]

DP World Caucedo, Dominican Republic port

Puerto de Caucedo.

DP World Caucedo is a world-class marine terminal and free zone, located in Punta Caucedo, near the city of Santo Domingo, which is the political and commercial capital of the country. It is part of the DP World portfolio of marine terminals, a global leader in terminal operations. Operations started in December, 2003, working under the highest standards with quality and operational efficiency, providing the cornerstones of its success and development in the Dominican Republic.


Canal expansion, more work to be more successful

Esclusas de Agua Clara.

By Juan C. Croston Former President, Panama Chamber of Shipping

Before addressing the impact of the Panama Canal expansion, I would like to make a historical reflection arising from my personal experience. Professionally, my work at Manzanillo International Terminal (MIT) leads me to think, day by day, that the backbone of the Panamanian port industry is due to the management of the Canal providing an efficient inter-oceanic route for ship transit. Put another way, if […]

Oceanica Freight Line S.A. – export and import solutions

Oceanica Freight Line S.A soluciones de exportación e importación

Oceanica Freight Line, S.A., is a dynamic and young company, driven to meet the needs of users in terms of import and export cargo, by air, sea or land. It offers collection services, warehousing, cargo consolidation and inspection.

The company has agreements with carriers connected to Panamanian ports. It also has developed strategic alliances with Customs agents to provide coordination and clearance of goods.

“Anytime, anywhere and any way, its services address the needs of […]

The Bulletin went to Greece

Jonathan Jones presenta El Boletin al Administrador del Canal, Jorge Luis Quijano.

Posidonia is one of the most important events on the shipping and maritime industry calendar. This year The Bulletin was present at the fair represented by Jonathan Jones and his company, Alpha Commercial Diving, an enterprise dedicated to providing hull cleaning, propeller polishing, underwater surveys, underwater construction and general maintenance services among others.

Panamanian government officials were present at the fair to speak about the advantages of the expanded Canal and show that the auxiliary […]