Corozal port project attracts more interest

El proyecto del Puerto de Corozal está suspendido por el momento

The Panama Canal expansion has highlighted the need to build new ports in the country, especially on the Pacific.

An initiative was put forward by the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) to create a new terminal in the Corozal area, on land that belongs to it.

Results of the preliminary study to construct this port have been positive, but the matter was put on stand-by until the works of the third set of locks are concluded.


Canal the main topic at the Latam Ports & Logistics Summit

Latam Ports & Logistics Summit

The Latam Ports & Logistics Summit took place last month at the Sheraton Hotel of Panama City. The event organized by BN Americas, a Chilean company which has nine years’ experience in the area, managed to gather shipping and logistic leaders from all over the world to discuss the impact that the Panama Canal widening will have on shipping routes, finding financing to build a port and the importance of insuring cargo.

Among the speakers [...]

Week in Review – Vol. 33 No.30


Workers of the ports of Cristobal and Balboa require the Ministry of Labor and Workforce Development (Mitradel) to observe and comply with the right to unionize. The legal representative of these workers, Martín González, said more than 500 employees of Panama Ports Company have taken to the streets to protest for the Mitradel to comply with the ruling of the Supreme Court in favoring the creation of a union since 2010 that they [...]

Sacyr has two months to find $290 million

Los trabajos de ampliación del Canal tienen seis meses de retraso

The agreement reached on February 27 between the construction consortium GUPC and the ACP is working towards unlocking the third set of locks on the Panama Canal, but it was not for another month that the project began to enter normal rhythm. Much of the blame lies with the entry of new money to the GUPC petty cash box.

The consortium partners (Sacyr, Impregilo, Jan de Nul and Cusa) injected $100 million that was committed [...]

ACP expects expansion work to be at 100% during April

The Panama Canal Authority (ACP) expects Grupo Unidos por el Canal (GUPC) to recover 100% activity on the Third Set of Locks in April.

This would have been the commitment of the consortium, said Ilya Marotta, executive vice president of Project Panama Canal Expansion, who participated in the Panama Logistics Summit forum.

Following an agreement that ended a crisis of two months and the complete stoppage of work for 15 days, Marotta said the consortium [...]

The five busiest ports of Latin America

Puerto de Manzanillo, Méjico

CEPAL Report

During BNamerica’s LatAm Port and Logistics Summit held in Panama City, the five busiest ports in the region were evaluated, according to the latest numbers from the UN Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (Eclac), which looked at container movement in TEUs from 2013. The results are:

Colón, Panama:

1.68mn TEUs

Although container movement at Panama’s Colón port was down 5.3% in 2013 compared to 2012, with 1.68 million TEUs moved, [...]

Panamanian cadets to navigate in Europe

Six cadets from the Faculty of Marine Sciences of the Panama International Maritime University (UMIP) have been certified by the Maritime Province of Belgium – Belgium Maritime Inspectorate – (BMI), which will, in their future, provide their services as merchant marine officers on ships with flags of the European Community.

The certificates were awarded to deck cadets Pedro Josue Quintero Flores and Tomás Edgardo Quibilan Ruiz, and four specialty engine room cadets, Abdul Jair Saucedo [...]

Ninth World Economic Forum on Latin America in Panama

Noveno Foro Económico Mundial para Latinoamérica en Panamá

The World Economic Forum on Latin America was held in Panama City from April 1 to 3, 2014.

More than 600 participants from the region and the world participated in the event.

The theme of the meeting was “Opening Pathways for Shared Progress”

The Forum brought together more than 600 leaders from government, industry, civil society and academia from over 50 countries to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing the region.

With the support of [...]