Logistics experts to exhibit projects at PanamaMaritime

PanamaMaritime XII Conference and Exhibition

The Panama Canal expansion will have a significant impact on world trade patterns, and PanamaMaritime XII Conference and Exhibition, to be held at the Megapolis Convention Center April 12 – 15, will be the scene in which industry players will present their plans and projects to tap the growing traffic of the huge newpanamax ships.

Public entities of major maritime nations and organizations from industry and academia, have examined the impact that the expanded Canal [...]

New bunker metering solutions for operations in Panama

El sistema de medición bunker de Endress+Hauser

Every single day, bunker oil is pumped into the fuel tanks of tanker, cargo, bulk carrier and fishing ships. Particularly in Panama Canal, more than 10 000 MT [1] of bunker oil are delivered daily to tenths of ships.

The traditional quantity measurements via manual tank gauging or sounding use to be associated with a great amount of uncertainty due to error prone volume to mass calculation, as well as to the air content not [...]

A prison for gang leaders in the Pearl islands

Nuevas instalaciones de la cárcel para cabecillas de bandas en Punta Coco

By Ilene Little

A new prison facility will be built on the grounds of the Naval Air Station in Punta Coco to isolate criminals from the general prison population housed elsewhere in Panama.

Punta Coco is the southernmost post of Isla Del Rey in the Las Perlas Archipelago. According to newspaper reports, the Naval Air Station was built in 2014 by the U.S. Southern Command at a cost of $73.5 million for the purpose of [...]

Relations in turmoil between Latin America and Europe

Euro-Latin America Parliamentary Assembly (Eurolat)

By Marijulia Pujol Lloyd

Business and political relations between Europe and Latin America are becoming strained, due to the “lack of understanding” between them, according to several representatives of both regions. European and Latin American legislators met last month at the Latin American Parliament Permanent headquarters in Panama City to take part in the Euro-Latin America Parliamentary Assembly (Eurolat) and discuss ways to resolve their differences.

According to Ramon Jauregui Atondo, Eurolat European Delegation Committee [...]

Wise words on Central American Logistics from the Aimar Group

“One if by land and two if by sea, and I on the opposite shore will be.”

These immortal words by the poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, were written in 1860, telling a version of a story of Paul Revere’s ride and of how the colonists were warned of an impending British invasion.

Today it reminds us of an important logistic point, especially when deciding whether to ship cargo via ocean or via land in Central [...]

Maritime Queen 2015

Reina Marítima 2015

Yaleoxki Yazmarlin Avila Aldeano

World’s largest container ship enters the Panama Registry

MSC Oscar - portacontenedores más grande del mundo

The Panama Maritime Authority (AMP) has announced that the Merchant Marine Department has inscribed in the Panama Registry the world’s largest container ship, the MSC Oscar. The AMP says this is a reflection of the effort made by the present administration, to attract newly built vessels.

“We are proud of the MSC Oscar because it is the largest container vessel ever built, and it is also the one that has the most meaning for me, [...]

Panama Canal expansion progresses with placement of 12 of 16 lock gates

Instalación de la compuerta C500, en Pacífico, con un peso de 4,242 toneladas; y dimensiones de 57.6 metros de largo, 10 metros de ancho y 31.9 metros de alto

The fifth gate on the Pacific and seventh on the Atlantic have been inserted in the third set of locks, making a total of 12 structures installed in their respective niches of the 16 that make up the new locks.

On the Pacific, gate C500 was installed, weighing 4,242 tons, and with dimensions of 57.6 meters long, 10 meters wide and 31.9 meters high, while the D700 on the Atlantic was inserted, weighing 3,319 tons [...]