Canal competitiveness in question

Mega ship building reaches fever pitch

Will Panamá be ready to handle mega ships?

Container ships with dimensions exceeding the capacity of the expanded Panama Canal put into question the country’s readiness to receive them.

Although the increasing size of container ships on the pretext of economies of scale has its limits, the main shipowners are engaged in a race to build ships of 18,000 TEU and more.

Earlier this year, Evergreen Line announced it had ordered 11 mega container ships [...]

Two canal theory ruled out by Panama

Niegan conexión entre canales de Panamá y Nicaragua

The Panama Canal Authority ruled out the possibility that conditions exist for having two inter-oceanic canals in Central America.

This opinion was given after Paul Oquist, Executive Secretary of the Commission of the Grand Interoceanic Canal of Nicaragua, declared in Panama that Central America could become the world’s largest logistics center when the country completes its inter-oceanic route.

Jorge Quijano, Administrator of the Panama Canal, said that there are no conditions to have two water [...]

Panama Canal signs on to “Alliance for one million reforested hectares”

La Autoridad del Canal de Panamá (ACP) ha reforestado cientos de hectáreas en diferentes partes del país

The Administrator of the Panama Canal, Jorge Luis Quijano, chaired the signing of a multi-agency environmental agreement known as the “Alliance for one million reforested hectares.”

The initiative aims to reforest a million hectares in the country within twenty years. In addition to reducing the rate of deforestation and forest degradation, the project seeks to increase the capacity of ecosystems to protect watersheds and natural forest reserves while restoring river banks, protected “buffer zones” and [...]

CMP promotes development of maritime culture in youth

La rectora de la UMIP, Fernanda Billard (centro) con Ernesto Cordovez, Director de la Escuela de Transporte Marítimo de la UMIP (izquierda) y el director de Extensión, Roberto Aparicio (derecha)

The Panama Chamber of Shipping (CMP) organized the Seminar “Maritime Update 2015” aimed at teachers of maritime education in technical colleges, with the effective participation of the Ministry of Education (MEDUCA), the National Institute of Professional Training for Human Development (INADEH) and the Panama International Maritime University (UMIP).

The event was held from January 19 to 23, 2015, and included lectures, workshops and visits to maritime installations.

Organized by the Education Commission of the CMP, [...]

Tocumen airport gets high rating

De izquierda a derecha: Director General de IATA, Tony Tyler; Director General del Aeropuerto Internacional de Tocúmen, Joseph Fidanque III; Ministro de Turismo de Panamá, Jesús Sierra; Director General del Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), Alfredo Fonseca; Vicepresidente regional para Las Américas IATA, Peter Cerda

At a press conference in Panama focusing on the tourism and aviation industry, Tony Tyler, CEO of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), referred to the advantages in Panama for the expansion of the Tocumen air terminal, describing it as one of the best airports in the world and a model for the aviation world. Present at the conference were David Hernandez, IATA Area Manager for Central America; Peter Cerda, IATA Regional Vice President of [...]

Week in Review – Vol. 33 No. 52


The Panamanian government expects the Panama Canal to generate additional contributions to the treasury of about $500 million from 2017, said the Minister of Economy and Finance, Dulcidio De La Guardia. With regard to the contribution of the Canal for 2015, De La Guardia said the government expected it to be “similar to last year”, i.e., $1.03 billion.


With the theme “Logistics Development: Outstanding Debt”, the directors of the Panamanian [...]

Chinese interested in starting new Panama Canal expansion

The administrator of the Panama Canal, Jorge Luis Quijano, said that a group of Chinese businessmen have shown interest in building and financing a fourth set of locks and will be visiting the ACP again.

The Canal administrator was in a discussion organized by the Panamanian Association of Business Executives (APEDE) to discuss the progress of the Canal expansion when he said that there is no demand at the moment for a fourth set of [...]

COCATRAM promotes cooperation between UMIP and Nicaraguan universities

Comisión Centroamericana de Transporte Marítimo (COCATRAM)

On Wednesday, February 5, representatives gathered at the Nicaraguan National Port Company (EPN) from the National University of Engineering, the Catholic University, University Hispanic and American College, EPN and Central American Maritime Transport Commission (COCATRAM), to hold a virtual meeting with representatives of the Panama International Maritime University (UMIP) following the Cooperation Agreements signed between these universities.

The meeting allowed the representatives to learn about the progress of the agreements by the Comptroller of the [...]