Panama a “solid logistic block”

The MIT is one of the busiest in the region.

“Although Panama has positioned itself as a hub since container terminal transshipment operations began, other countries are competing under the same concept. “We are the only place in the world where the oceans are divided by only 80 kilometers, or 50 miles.”

In the opinion of Carlos Urriola, “Panama must take advantage of this and move cargo taking into account these two very close coasts joined by rail and […]

Assembly approves Canal budget

The National Assembly approved the ACP budget.

Panama’s National Assembly approved in third and final debate the budget of the Panama Canal for fiscal year 2020.

It is estimated that there will be revenues of $3,426.1 million and contributions to the National Treasury for $1.820.1 million.

The budget was approved after its support by the Minister of Channel Affairs and Chairman of the Board of Directors, Aristides Royo and the administrator of the […]

CMA CGM Group launches world’s largest LNG container ship

The “CMA CGM Jacques Sadeé,” the first of this new class of ship.

The CMA CGM Group announced the launch of the largest and first ultra-large container ship in the world (23,000 TEUs) powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG).

The milestone was reached at the Jiangnan-Changxing shipyard in Shanghai, at an event witnessed by Rodolphe Saadé, president and CEO of the CMA CGM Group, French and Chinese officials, business leaders and customers of the CMA CGM Group.

In 2017, […]

Panama implementing a platform to simplify ship registration by the end of 2020

The AMP is modernizing the Ship Registry.

According to the Panama Ship Registry, the current systems used by the Merchant Marine Department (Ship Registry) and the Public Ship Registry of the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP) will be integrated into a single platform called the “Electronic System of Ship Registration (ESRS)” at the of 2020. The idea is to simplify the registration process.

The director of Merchant Marine and head of the Panama Ship Registry, Rafael Cigarruista, indicated that “the integration into a […]

Analyzing the “last mile” of delivery in the logistics chain

Analyzing the “last mile” of delivery in the logistics chain

Traffic congestion, the lack of an available transaction area such as parking lots, the use of digital and reliable technology are some of the great challenges that logistics companies have to face in the last mile delivery within the entire distribution chain, to be more competitive.

This was presented in a discussion on the “Evolution and Future of the Last Mile of Distribution”, organized by the Chamber of Commerce, […]

Cosco Shipping receives container ship of 21,237 TEUS

Cosco Shipping has ended its massive construction program of 17 megamax container ships of 21,237 TEUs with the delivery of the “Cosco Shipping Planet”.

The program actually consisted in the delivery of three different series of ships ordered from four Chinese shipyards that originated in separate orders from Cosco and CSCL, the two main Chinese shipping lines that merged in 2016 to form the current Cosco Shipping.

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Pecamar, S.A. Helping Colon and Its Ports

Pecamar offers heavy equipment training.

PECAMAR, S.A., is a company established in the city of Colon, Republic of Panama since 2006.

It is dedicated to the provision of port operator services (heavy equipment operators).

The company is located in the 4 Altos Shopping Center, in the city of Colon.

PECAMAR, S.A., has a workforce of more than 150 operators with vast experience in handling equipment such as tractors […]

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